‘Surviving Evil’ Gets Renewed

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Investigation Discovery Renews Charisma Carpenter’s Surviving Evil

Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Charisma Carpenter has signed on to return as host of Surviving Evil, which was picked up for a second season by Investigation Discovery.

Carpenter will shoot 10 more episodes as Surviving Evil returns to production for a premiere date later in 2014. The show features real-life stories of men and women who have fought back against their attackers and lived to tell the tale. Each true crime story is told in the survivor’s own words.

“This is one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done,” Carpenter says. “There’s a real sense of giving people their dignity back. These are remarkable people.”

In the first episode of Surviving Evil last August, Carpenter told her own story: In 1991, the actress (then 22 years old) was attacked and held at gunpoint at a San Diego beach by a rogue police officer.

Surviving Evil ranked as Investigation Discovery’s top-rated primetime series during the third quarter of 2013, and averaged 450,000 viewers among adults 25-54.

Carpenter’s credits also include the Buffy spin-off Angel, The Expendables, Greek and The Lying Game. She also guest starred last fall on Blue Bloods.

‘Surviving Evil’ 1.10 – “The Devil You Know”

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Tune in tonight for the season finale of Surviving Evil at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

“The Devil You Know” – The Stories of Jessica Carbone (West Palm Beach, FL) and Tabitha Sells and Christy Carroll (Greensboro, NC) Premieres Wednesday, October 30 at 10/9c

· Jessica Carbone, 27, is living a good life in West Palm Beach when her happiness is suddenly shattered by a deranged, machete-wielding maintenance man who viciously attacks and kidnaps her. A desperate escape attempt further provokes Carbone’s attacker, though she maintains enough composure to plant incriminating evidence. Under increasingly brutal conditions, Carbone reasons with her captor, convincing him to leave her alive. Carbone’s will to live allows her to survive disfiguring injuries and lead authorities to make an arrest. Several years later, Carbone is a victim rights advocate, and enjoys the life she refused to surrender.

· Inseparable cousins Tabitha Sells and Christy Carroll happily work together at an auto shop in Greensboro, North Carolina. A normal business day is turned upside down when they become the unsuspecting targets of a colleague’s insanely jealous wife. Fixated on avenging an imaginary affair between her husband and Sells, Shelly Ratcliffe leads a grisly attack on the cousins. Despite putting up a brave fight, Sells and Carroll sustain life-threatening injuries and are stuffed in the trunk of a car, bound for certain death. Together, they overcome the harrowing attack.

‘Surviving Evil’ 1.04 – “Money, Madness and Murder”

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Tune into a brand-new episode of Surviving Evil tonight at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

Sheila Dates and her grown-up daughter, Regina, are inseparable and living a quiet life in Georgia when they are taken hostage by a greedy couple desperate for an easy score. Sheila is driven at gunpoint to retrieve money while Regina is held, bound, and gagged at home. But after handing over the money, she is strangled mercilessly with a phone cord. Sheila survives, only to learn of Regina’s tragic fate. She honors the memory of her beloved daughter by helping others who have suffered similar atrocities.

‘Surviving Evil’ 1.03 – “Underground Terror”

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An all-new episode of Surviving Evil airs tonight at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

In the fall of 2006, Elizabeth Shoaf is a smart, bubbly 14-year-old whose dreamy life quickly becomes a nightmare when depraved madman Vinson Filyaw straps a bomb to her body and drags her to a filthy underground bunker deep in the South Carolina woods. After being brutally raped, Shoaf is chained by the neck and desperately hopes that authorities will soon save her. With search teams pacing directly over the bunker, Shoaf learns that her captor is a sociopathic fugitive. She draws on a survival instinct beyond her young age, placating Filyaw under horrifying conditions until he becomes complacent. Her steely guile leads to a break in the case, and Shoaf is finally rescued. Her will to live and striking bravery are the reasons behind her shocking survival.

Surviving Evil’s Charisma Carpenter & ToyotaCar

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‘Surviving Evil’ 1.02

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Don’t forget to tune into an all-new episode of Surviving Evil tonight at 10/9c on ID.

The Story of Lisa McVey (Tampa, FL) Premieres Wednesday, September 4 at 10/9c Late at night on November 3, 1984, troubled Florida teen Lisa McVey heads home from work with a plan to end her life. But as she leaves work, a notorious serial killer terrorizing the Tampa area abducts her at gunpoint. While police mount one of the state’s biggest-ever manhunts, it is the 17-year-old’s reawakened survival instinct that will make the difference in closing this case. Despite enduring brutal defilement, McVey blocks out the pain – something she has learned to do growing up in an abusive home. She takes note of her surroundings and secretly plants evidence in her attacker’s apartment while feigning friendship in order to gain his trust. McVey’s courageous efforts miraculously pay off when she is unexpectedly freed. Her incredible recall, though initially doubted by police, leads to an arrest and she is hailed as a hero.

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