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Q&A with Adrian Pasdar from “The Lying Game”

Q Speaking of the cast, Charisma Carpenter’s character, Rebecca, showed us a new side of Alec this season. You two have really great onscreen chemistry. What has it been like working with her, and how do you think that’s changed your character on the show?

A. Pasdar It’s a tough question to come up against a character like Alec. Charisma, she’s got a lot of moxie. She got stones, as my father would say. It’s fun to work with her because she can—I tend to be somewhat unpredictable and she can roll with it. She makes me better, which I think probably is the best thing that I can say about anybody. I feel confident that when we get done with our scene, it’s going to be better than it was before we started it. We lifted off the page and she’s wonderful to work with.

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Q: As actors you’ve both been able to showcase your great comedic timing in other roles, but how was it playing that vibe against one another in this episode?

JM: It was brilliant. I think we both instinctively knew where the drama was, where the horror was and where the comedy was. From watching her performance she understands very well to play the comedy, the horror and the drama equally. You just have to commit and make it real for yourself. For me, when you get into that marital spat stuff, don’t hold back. Be the fool. It’s people arguing in public so it can be really funny.

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