(June 2004)

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The Dirty Dozen
June 2004

“Posing in Playboy is about finding joy, liberation and warmth,” said Charisma Carpenter, Playboy’s newest nude celeb. “I’m shy and I really came out of my shell.”

You certainly wouldn’t know she’s bashful from her body of work. Charisma shook her pompons as an NFL cheerleader before rubbing Buffy the wrong way as stuck-up prom queen Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But it was when she branched off into a meatier role in Angel that she sent our libidos into the stratosphere. And now, she flaunts her heavenly body in an all-nude, 10-page Playboy pictorial. With her Playboy issue currently on newsstands and her pictorial in the Playboy Cyber Club, Charisma confides about having sex at an Oscar party and which co-star’s neck she wouldn’t mind biting.

1. When you were a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers, did your costumes ever make it off the field and into the bedroom?
Charisma Carpenter: Yes, I believe they did. And, let’s just say I never had to use the falsies — I’m exposing cheerleader secrets here.

2. Of all the women you appeared with on Buffy and Angel, who would you most like to film a girl-on-girl scene with?
CC: I’ve never thought about it. I don’t want anybody to feel left out. Well, I think Stephanie Romanov is pretty beautiful and sexy. She’d be a good choice.

3. What music do you listen to during sex?
CC: Rolling Stones and Ben Harper. I don’t have a stereo in my room so I haven’t had music playing during sex in a long time. But the last time I had music playing it was Tattoo You and Diamonds on the Inside.

4. Is there a rock star you’d like to go back to the tour bus with?
CC: Because I like their music so much, I want to say Mick Jagger, but he doesn’t do anything for me sexually. Talent overcomes a lot, but I don’t think it will ever overcome that much.

5. What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
CC: Viggo Mortensen. He reminds me of my husband.

6. What’s your favorite part of the male anatomy?
CC: Hands. Hygiene’s important. Clean, round, soft, tan hands are cool.

7. Ever have sex in a public place?
CC: Yes. At an Oscar party in the bathroom.

8. What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?
CC: On a highway in a moving automobile. I wasn’t driving. It worked out quite well, but I don’t know how it did. I was young and stupid.

9. What’s your favorite sexual act?
CC: The act itself. Intercourse.

10. Do you prefer giving oral sex, or receiving?
CC: Giving. I have a hang-up. I don’t enjoy receiving it as much.

11. Any nicknames for your vagina?
CC: These are good questions. I call my vagina “punani.” My period is “Wilma” because it’s the ugliest thing ever. An ex-boyfriend named his ex-girlfriend’s boobs “bumpers” because they were huge, but I’ve never had that problem.

12. Ever have a three- or more-some?
CC: No, no. I’m a little bit uptight that way. I don’t like to share.

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